Vivisection Pictures......Part 2.....for
educational purposes....the world has been in the dark long enough.

PICTURES TO THE RIGHT {3} AND 1 UNDERNEATH....this way>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A cat is crippled in "spinal research", and then forced to walk
on a'll have to ask yourself what is being accomplished
here. I am sure the people who did this have lots of reasons.

This orange tabby looks real happy, doesn't he. Ouch, that must hurt.

This is an example of one vivisector's desktop. I don't think I even want to read that book.
Note the title "101 uses for dead cats." And the notebook
"Terminated Cats, Part V."

Photos courtesy of PETA, The Animal's Voice/Agenda,
and Mr. Peter Hamilton/LifeForce.

I scanned these with my scanner to let you see
what you don't see.

This little guy, the beagle, has been deliberately
badly burned. I think his hind feet tell
the tale of what misery he is suffering, looks
like he is trying to lift himself off of the cage floor.
Any of you have a beagle out there? Protest then.

More pictures on My third page.
Somehow I will have to link them all together.