10/15/98 Congress approves 15.5 billion

taxpayer funded dollars for National Institutes of Health {NIH} for "research"

In addition to his Medicare plan, which

he will present

with maximum fanfare on Tuesday, the

president has announced

proposals to double federal funds for

biomedical research ... 1/98



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I am the voice of the voiceless,

Through me the dumb shall speak,

Till the deaf world's ear be made to hear

The wrongs of the wordless weak

From street, from cage, from kennel,

From stable and zoo, the wail

Of my tortured kin proclaims the sin

Of the mighty against the frail.

Oh, shame on the mothers of mortals

Who have not stooped to teach

Of the sorrow that lies in dear, dumb eyes,

The sorrow that has no speech.

And I am my brother's keeper,

And I shall fight his fight;

And speak the word for beast and bird

Till the world shall set things right.

--Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1850-1919

{Taken from the Animals' Voice/Agenda Magazine}{I

look forward to meeting her someday, on the other

side of life, as the Moody Blues put it--outside

that room where vivisectors are being tortured by


Photos by Peter Hamilton/LifeForce--taken

from the Animals' Voice/Agenda




This little guy's name is Alobar. This is his before, his

normal healthy,

picture--and after someone decided he

had no rights. You people

who condemn the A.L.F. Maybe NOW you

will understand that they are

tired of trying to ask nicely for this

to stop, and getting a bunch

of excuses. I have personally worn my

hands raw {and my mind}

trying to appeal to legislators on

this issue....I do not blame

these people for breaking into labs

and rescuing animals. I feel

they are trying to stop EVIL.

This black cat looks alot like
a cat I know.
They are
almost identical.
We all know how much some cats don't
like to be held
too long. Imagine
this poor cat wanting his freedom.

REMOTE CONTROL...The real name for it
is cannulae {I think}
sort of like the one you have for
your t.v. set...supposedly to make them
do what they
want them to do...example: break their
back, use the
remote to try to get them to stand up.
Don't believe
me? Contact PETA: 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510...
1-757-622-PETA. http://www.peta-online.org.....
Also, please contact The Nature of Wellness
http://www.animalresearch.org.........They could
really use help funding the movie "Lethal Medicine"
to air across this country. It is running on PBS
stations. Please don't miss it when it comes to

The bible says every man has a conscience
instilled within
him. These people are obviously ignoring theirs.
Wonder how long
they can continue to ignore it, if half of the
United States is
complaining and praying about it. Come on,
let's do something, please. For them.

This orange tabby cat will never walk again. It was nice of them to give him a heating pad,
after what they did to him...note he is
on a marble concrete floor. I am sure
with that heating pad, he is
more than comfortable. I am sure he has
no desire to walk again, or
rub up against something and purr. I
wonder if he even feels like
purring? I cry when I see these
pictures--but, don't ignore them.
Don't let it continue, because it is
painful to look at. Remember,
it is more painful for them to go through it.

Mr. Peter Hamilton/LifeForce {God bless
him for taking these}.

You know, that money would feed a lot of
suffering people in the Sudan
or even in our own country {www.feedthechildren.org};
if only they would stop spending
money to torture animals, and instead educate
society of the ills which determine these diseases
and how they can be prevented, and if
they would just clean up our environment so that
there weren't so many
sulfites and dioxins, pcb's, toxic checicals,
lead, fertilizer, sewage, etc. in the soil and water.

If ONLY they would adapt ORGANIC farming and
stop bashing the vegetarian diet and quit
buckling in to the meat industry and promoting
its' waste and garbage....if only they would
spend less money shooting, maiming and
killing our wildlife so farmers won't
have to put up fences or "worry" about
them eating thier livestock.
I don't see ANY SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of money
going towards THESE things, and when is the
last time you heard of the FDA or USDA
educating new farmers that organic farming
and meatless diets could get our planet back on the
right track and prevent alot of degenerative diseases?
Do they care or do they just want a stake in a new cancer
drug on Wallstreet? How many more people
have to go through chemotherapy?--It's not a
breeze like it is depicted to be.
The chemotherapy drugs Adriamycin, Methotrexate,
Cisplatin, Fluorouracil and the like HAVE SERIOUS
SIDE EFFECTS. They may kill the cancer, but a
woman I know has all of her internal organs dying to boot.......

Instead farmers are educating new young farmers
to keep slaughtering for food....the production
lines are going so fast that no one can keep up and no
one cares. New slaughterhouses go up in Universities on the
East Coast. Humane Slaughter Act-- it is near NON EXISTENT. Those lines
are going so fast, they kill and skin some animals while
they are still alive {Slaughterhouse-Gail Eisnitz, Fall
1997..read the book}........The Industry regulates itself,
promotes itself and distributes its propaganda
to the public, the grocers and the government, while
padding congressional campaigns.

Look at how many cattle farmers, etc. sit on the
committees that make or break the new rulings. I believe the Physicians'
Committee for Responsible Medicine is in the process right now of suing
the USDA for just this problem.... www.pcrm.org.
Oh well, as cancer strikes near 1-3 people, I don't
know the exact figure, the chemotherapy treatment cost should go
down, and you can always take herbal remedies to ease the effects...
if you live through it. There is some
comfort there, right? Where is the progress?
Why do the same companies that make the most toxic
carcinogenic chemicals also make the chemotherapy drugs
and equipment? ONE WONDERS; and that is why I call it
evil business.

Strap a remote control helmet to the next innocent victim N.I.H.
in your quest for a "cure".........inject them with cancer and try
new methods of treating a disease that will only get worse due to
diet, environmental pollution and an eroding ozone full of greenhouse
gasses from the methane from cattle and pig crap everywhere
....makes sense to me. NOT.

When will it end?

People, if you don't write or call your congressmen and
women...saddly, this WILL CONTINUE.

I would advise you to contact ALL of them...
because they are full of excuses on the issue. And have lots of
them to give you when you call.
The Appropriations Committee funds this stuff to give "scientists"
the money for their car payments and Universities love to have these
labs, because it gives them a grant from the Government.

And, I guess, that is why money is the root of all evil. They keep doing
these terrible experiments on animals to obtain grants from the
government. The National Institutes On Health does them, The Military does them,
Pharmaceutical Companies do them. Even some of the
Charities you give to, do these experiments. If you want to
read more about this...get a handbook of
cruelty/cruelty-free companies from the National Anti-Vivisection
Society's magazine {1-800-888-NAVS} then you will know who to
buy things from and who to avoid..I buy Earth Friendly Products Almond
oil dishsoap....there is a whole line of natural citrus cleaners
also www.miarose.com has some great all natural pump air freshener spray
without toxic chemicals to put in your living room.........and if
there is one magazine I RECOMMEND with ten stars for TRUTH it
is The Animals' Agenda Magazine {1-800-426-6884}. Please subscribe and read
about vivisection laboratories and the experiments the government is
funding, the new proposed laws, the horrors of Agribusiness/Factory
Farming and other issues. You, the taxpayer get up every
morning and go to work to fund this abuse!!!! And, I do not see
any government opinion polls being sent to us at tax time once
a year as to what we wish our money to be spent on.....it sure
wouldn't be this torture.

UPDATE 2/2001 Now, President Bush has the ball, he can either keep
funding this farce in full force or shell out some money for
PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE/EDUCATION. ***Check the Physicians Committee
for Responsible Health Website. Run a search. I believe
they have it listed what charities fund this abuse/ and which ones
take a saner approach. www.pcrm.org, I think.

These people all get paid to do redundant
experiments on animals, that do prove not one thing about HUMAN
health. I'm sure if you think about it, you can come up with many reasons
why you differ from animals, and
don't go to the veterinarian when you
are sick. And they have all been done so many times before by some
other organization, in some laboratory.

How many times do they need to do the same testing? I wouldn't
call this testing and research.
It is simply performed by people who
don't care whether or not
these animals suffer and have pain and emotional trauma from these
sick "experiments".....all they care about is the greedy green buck.

People, use as little medication as you can get by with and only
what you really need, because what they don't tell you is that
taking pills for a long period of time is totally toxic to your
liver anyway....and, I suggest that you take milk thistle extract
to help your liver clean out all the crap that is in those
pills. Milk thistle has stopped some people from needing liver
transplants and regenerates your liver.

ANOTHER UPDATE: 11/98...I am reading The Pill Book, new
and revised 7th edition, page 855-856 on the drug Paxil, a common
anti-depressant used in this country-- and WHAT DO I READ????
and I quote: "Studies in animals receiving 10 to 20 times the
maximum human dose revealed an increase in certain
liver tumers and reduced fertility. THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS
INFORMATION TO HUMANS IS NOT KNOWN!!!!!" unquote....duh....
then, why bother to do this torturous garbage anyway??????
I cannot believe they even admit it!!!!!! This is the
illustrated guide to the most prescribed drugs in the
United States...from Bantam Books. You can buy it at any bookstore. I do not know
if there is a newer version out, I bought this a year or two ago.

***How many drugs like Sertandole which killed 26 people need to
be pulled from the market before we realize animal testing is useless.
There are dozens of drugs in the news nowadays that were tested and approved
by torturing lab rats that now kill and maim people.
Just a couple days (2/21/01) ago I saw on the news where Pertossin (may
not be correct way of spelling it), a labor inducing drug is causing fatal nasty side
effects. But, it was approved by a tortured lab rat right?
Where is the funding for that??????

The root of the illnesses and the cures for them will not be found
in the souls of these innocent animals. The preventive medicine will be to clean
up the air, environment, food, water we drink...and not to
deliberately harm ourselves with cigarettes and alcohol and drugs. I
think we ought to be more worried about cleaning up our
toxic environment and pushing towards and funding education for a
non-animal based diet--and stop torturing these poor creatures with
redundant, demonic experiments.

my e-mail address is grinch77@apexmail.com......
It might be a while before I right you back, I don't
check mail very often.

**Lets chasten the hand of progress that is causing so many of

us to have cancer and other diseases-- and then stating that the pills we pop, and the

additives to our food and that

film of pesticide is safe for us to consume, because some animals have had to

inhale, swallow or wear it, and it had to be given to them in mass quantities to kill them....

so, a

little is safe. What about accumulation?
** Thanks, and to
help you help pass any bill
pertaining to vivisection or anything
else that is urgently needed, here is a great
url to find out the congressmen and senators in

your state and thier phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


One more thing, I'm not advertising for these people, but, if I was
it wouldn't be the worst job I could have.
I hope you know by now that besides
making your own cleaners from essential oils and liquid
castile soap and water--there
is a wonderful product on the market that
puts these chemical companies
out of business and therefore these sadistic torture
tests atleast won't be "neccessary" for testing cleaner toxicity
out on these poor furrballs.
50 YEARS AGO) there is a way to clean germs,
bacteria, molds, mildew and viruses, not to mention
dirt away with STEAM. Check out the Steam Buggy Portable Steam Cleaner at
http://www.tvinventions.com or call
1-800-353-9988. It makes sense doesn't it? We sterilize baby bottles with boiling
water and high pressure steam cleaning is
FRIENDLY way to sanitize your house.
I'm always boiling water to pour into/on things
to sterilize them when cleaning them.
I just saw the infomercial and you can wear this
thing on your shoulder and walk around the house cleaning everything.
No, I do not work for them. I just am very excited about people being able to do away
with toxic cleaners and yet know thier home is clean.
and when your cleaning work is done
it unwrinkles clothes too. You pour some
water into it like an iron, same concept
except this is under more pressure.


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